Three Ways to Style the ‘Leighton’ Tulle Skirt

Tulle skirts have been popping up all over Pinterest and style blogs for the last few years. There’s something about all of that volume that makes me want to put one on and twirl back to my ballerina roots.

Today, I’m featuring this one, the Leighton, from Pittsburgh’s very own Rosewood Shop. I  used a variety of pieces from my closet to style it three ways, showing just how much fun you can have and how many truly different looks you can create with one simple piece!

Pair it with a simple white-button down, a statement necklace and nude pumps and you can wear this look to the office, a girls’ lunch, or Sunday church.

Add a leather jacket and graphic tee for a little more spice. This look would be fun for a night out on the town, a concert, or a fashion show (like, say, Anthropologie’s Holiday show this Friday night 🙂 ).

(My personal favorite) A pleated blouse and chandelier earrings make this an all-around girly look. The perfect choice for spending a date night with your sweet husband (Hi, Arnie. <3), catching a show, or dining out with friends.

And a few more, compliments of Pinterest:

Which look is your favorite? Have you styled a similar tulle skirt? Share your pictures or comments below!

Thanks for reading and thank-you to Rosewood for such a fun piece and great service. Readers, don’t forget to shop small on Saturday, November 29!


4 thoughts on “Three Ways to Style the ‘Leighton’ Tulle Skirt

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